About Me

Passionate about sustainability and the beauty inherent in every detail, I find through the colours, shapes and cuts, an ability to offer the British public the best fashion products available in the world. As a child, I used to lose myself creating dresses for my dolls and trying out the clothes belonging to my mum, granny, great-grandmother and friends.

At the age of 15, in my second job, I was fortunately invited to work as an assistant to a fashion stylist in Minas Gerais, Brazil, where I was born. During my adolescence and early youth, I did sporadic works as a model. My other great passion is journalism and my work in this field has taken me to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. However throughout that time, my love for fashion was never far from my mind, and what you see on this website are the inspirations that I discovered on my travels and during my lifetime. I now find myself in London, the most international city in the world, where I have created my brand and share my perspective on beauty, style and quality, throughout ROBERTA LONDON.

I hope you enjoy the excellent quality products that were selected by hand and had the finishing done in London by me, one by one. The website, the pictures, the modelling, the eco clothes, everything is very personal, and I have made with care and passion for all of you.

Thanks for reading.

Roberta Rocha